Ciao Tesoro!!! Ti invidio tantissimo, vorrei troppo essere anche io come te...riesci ad esprimere una femminiltà ed una sensualità che molte bio se la sognano! E poi una curiosità: solo solo uomini oppure ogni tanto qualche ti diverti anche insieme a qualche sorellina? :-)

Ciao tesoro, grazie per i bellissimi complimenti!! :))

Sinceramente mi ritengo sostanzialmente “etero” (ovviamente io sono la femmina).

Fare sesso con una come me non mi ispira molto, anche se forse lo farei più volentieri che con una donna. In entrambi i casi comunque se incontrassi qualcuno/a che mi ispira, e nella situazione giusta, non penso che direi di no..

This is your heaven.. don’t you sissy? :))

Very true for me, I think this should be a mantra for every real sissy!!!

Very true for me, I think this should be a mantra for every real sissy!!!

It’s true, I am a sissy and I love doing all these things!!

I've just checked out your pics. You look amazing in that B & W dress showing your gorgeous legs. I'd love to have those pretty legs wrapped round my neck, my head buried between your thighs as I lick you. Damn! You've got a nice body.

Thanks stud! :D

Quand'è stata la prima volta che hai indossato un paio di mutandine ?

Bella domanda! Penso da ragazzina (15 anni circa).

Ora ho quasi eliminato tutta la roba da uomo, perchè per me crossdressing = dressing! :))

What is your ideal cock size? :3

Well, of course I like big cocks, but I think my ideal size is about 18 cm (7 inches)..

Do you have, or could you make a post about how to better deap throat?

No, but I’ll think about it..

I want youuu be my bitch

That’s what I am! :D

Hey love the blog young sissy here only 18 I have dressed on and off for a while tho but I all ways seem to purge what is your advice as to breakthrough this and fully except being a sissy for life

Being like a girl is much better.. if you’re a sissy, don’t fight it!!

Hi dear, I just wnt around and found your Blog. And now, after reading a lot of it, I think you are the right girl to ask. I am a man by now and, what´s bad, a big one, too (189cm), but I definitely want to become a real beautiful sissy because that´s the way I feel deep inside. But I don´t really know where to start best, and what to do first. I got some ideas, or course. But I got no experience yet, and I want to start the best way. Could you give me some advice or other help with the start?

Don’t worry if you’re high, you can be a beautiful girl just the same!
I have three tips for you: wear women’s clothes every day, learn how to wear makeup, and find a man! ;)

hey, i was wondering if you could help me take a sissy test please? i have taken it before but i want to see my sissy progress :P but i cant :( because now i cant find it :(

Becouse a real sissy always leaves the man to decide for her!!

Hey, love your blog. Do you have a kik?

Thanks, but sorry, I don’t use kik..

Hi, hon! A fellow closet sissy cd here who loves to dress in girl clothes. Have you ever had a real cock in your sissy pussy?

Yes, but less than I would have!!