I love your "that's how I like to be treated" girl. One of my favorite videos!

Do you mean this video ?


Actually, I like it too, she reminds me of myself when I have sex ..

Any pics of yourself?

Sure! :


















Every time I read your blog I feel an urge to steal all my girlfriends clothes and keep them for myself, I want to dump her and fully accept that I am a sissy, a sissies life seems perfect, the sex and being submissive is just perfect. But how do I get a beautifully feminine body like yours? My ass is getting there from squats but I still look too masculine :(

Thanks for the “beautifully feminine body”, you are too kind!!! :))
I agree with you, dressing, behaving, having sex (etc. ..) as a woman means to have a perfect life!
As for your body, my advice is only one (apart from taking hormones): lose weight!

Hey, I love you and your page! Would you show me the soles of your feet? I'd love to exchange some one-to-one pictures with you. Keep up the good work. Kiss, Jay.

Thank you honey! I’ll show you my feet gladly, I hope you like them! :))

I don’t like to exchange pictures, but if you are a real man, and you want to send me some pics of your cock (with a dedication to me ♥), I will post them on my blog:

I'd love to meet up with a girl like you. Id love to fuck you, fuck your mouth and then give your face a good cum cover

Thank you so much stud! I love being ass fucked, giving blowjobs and taking cumshots, like the good girl I am! :))

♥ http://sissyfemminuccia.tumblr.com/ask ♥
I read some of your asks that you posted and you and your followers\fans make my cock throb. I've wanted my own sissy for years now and I have a particular interest in the transformation process. It's sexy the way sissies put so much effort into it.

Looking like a woman is hard, but being treated as such by a real man is priceless!! :))

I love your blog and I think it's cute with all the little comments I read on here about the advice they ask from you . X3 Keep it up and also hope you find someone that makes you feel as girly as possible. ;3

Thanks for the compliments!
I hope so too, feeling girly is wonderful!

do you seek sex as a man or woman

I feel like a straight girl, so I have sex just like that! 

Where can I post my pictures

Well, if you are a real man with a good cock, you can send me your pics (with a dedication to me.. ♥) at this link:

è d aun po che curioso sul tuo tumblr finalmente mi faccio coraggio nel chiederti una cosa, tu come hai capito di essere effettivamente una sissy, di voler essere donna e trattata da donna. io sono in un tormento continuo sempre tra il si e no, spesso lo prendo come solo come un fetish passeggero a volte invece vorrei esprimermi in maniera piu femminea. cosa dovrei fare secondo te per sbloccarmi e capire effettivamente qualè il mio posto?

Io ho capito di essere sissy da adolescente, ma già da bambina ero attratta da cose da femminuccia, come le bambole, le principesse, ecc..

Il consiglio che ti posso dare è quello di femminilizzare il più possibile la tua vita. Più ti vestirai, ti comporterai e penserai come una donna, più ti sentirai tale, e ciò ti renderà migliore e più felice credimi!! ;)

Where do you get your outfits? Love them

Thanks sis! I buy my clothes at non-expensive web stores such as:

I badly want to inject my cum deep inside your ass. I wanna see your eyes roll in the back of your head like the little bitch you are.

Thanks stud, I know I am a little bitch, and I love being injected with cum until I am filled to the brim!! :))

It's hard for me to tell whether to become a sissy, get surgery/hormones, or simply not have sex and chastise myself. I'm fairly overweight and i'm highly mannish as well.

A sissy is a man who tries to become a woman.
We know, this is impossible.. but we can not help but try it!

your right a real man does need a sissy, i wish i had one :(

Every real man should have a sissy to fuck!